tinyML Summit 2020

Enabling ultra-low Power Machine Learning at the Edge

February 12-13, 2020

San Jose, California

About the Summit

Following the success of the inaugural Summit 2019, 2020 Summit invites tinyML experts from the industry, academia, start-ups and government labs from all over the Globe to join this prime event to share the “latest & greatest” in the field and to collectively drive the whole ecosystem forward.

tinyML is broadly defined as a fast growing field of machine learning technologies and applications including Hardware (dedicated IC), algorithms and Software capable of performing on-device sensor (vision, audio, IMU, biomedical, etc) data analytics at extremely low power, typically in the mW range and below, and hence enabling a variety of always-on use-cases and targeting battery operated devices. The inaugural Summit in March 2019 showed very strong interest from the Community with active participation of senior experts from 90 companies. It revealed that: (i) tinyML capable HARDWARE is becoming “good enough” for many commercial applications and new architectures (e.g. in-memory compute) are on the horizon; (ii) significant progress on algorithms, networks and models down to 100kB and below; and (iii) initial tinyML applications in the vision and audio space. There is a growing momentum on both technical progress and ecosystem growth fronts.

tinyML Summit-2020 will continue the tradition of high quality invited talks, poster and demo presentations, open and stimulating discussions and will have significant networking opportunities. It will cover the whole stack of technologies (Systems-Hardware-Algorithms-Software-Applications) at the deep technical levels, a unique feature of the tinyML Summits. While the majority of the participants and speakers will come from the Industry, leading edge academic research will be represented as well as, an important ingredient of the evolving tinyML ecosystem. In 2020, special attention will be given to recent progress on algorithm development and tinyML use-cases and applications. The program will be organized in four technical sessions: Hardware, Systems, Algorithms & Software, and Applications. There will be approximately a total of 20 invited presentations selected by the Committee and dedicated poster sessions and demos by tinyML companies and sponsors. Overview and hands-on tutorials on Hardware and Software developments will be offered on the day before the main technical program starts. Registration will open in September 2019.




2020 tinyML Summit Sponsors


tinyML Executive and Founders

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Poster Session

Experts from the industry, academia and government labs (worldwide) actively working in the tinyML field are encouraged to submit a one page abstract in the MS Word and Adobe PDF formats. The abstract should clearly state:

  1. problem to be solved,
  2. technical approach and its novelty,
  3. results,
  4. significance for the tinyML community,
  5. abstract should reflect and highlight TinyML aspects of the work.

Showing demos at the poster session is a plus. Abstracts and poster presentations are considered in the three "pillar" areas: Hardware and Architecture, System and Algorithms, Software and Applications.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the committee on an ongoing basis (monthly) with the final submission deadline on October 1, 2019. Authors will be notified accordingly during review period.

Please send to bcooper@mepcom.net



3655 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95134


AI at the Very, Very Edge (EE Times)

When the TinyML group recently convened its inaugural meeting, members had to tackle a number of fundamental questions, starting with: What is TinyML? TinyML is a community of engineers focused on how best to implement machine learning (ML) in ultra-low power systems. The first of their monthly meetings was dedicated to defining the issue.

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. – A group of nearly 200 engineers and researchers gathered here to discuss forming a community to cultivate deep learning in ultra-low power systems, a field they call TinyML. In presentations and dialogs, they openly struggled to get a handle on a still immature branch of tech’s fastest-moving area in hopes of enabling a new class of systems.

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We have created a tinyML Meetup.com group called tinyML - Enabling ultra-low Power ML at the Edge – please join!

The meetups are designed to be an informal gathering of people interested in various aspects of tinyML technologies and a great opportunity of networking and also a good way to grow the tinyML Community.

July 25 Meetup

Held at Qualcomm in Santa Clara and attended by over 100 people, we had two speakers – click on title for slides:

June 27 Meetup

Our first meetup was held on June 27 at Qualcomm and was a great success. Over 130 people were in attendance. Below are the presentations and a video file:

Visit our Meetup.com event page for photos of the event.

tinyML meetups will be held on the last Thursday of each month. Visit our Meet up page for updates.

Meetup Committee